Frequently asked questions

Can I Make a Reservation?

You may, but we only take reservations for large parties, which we consider 6 or more guests.

Does the Tiki Bar Have a Phone Number?

No--Captain's Inn as a whole operates under one phone number (609) 693-3351; if you have any inquiries, questions, etc. about the dock bar specifically, our staff will assist your call and get you where you need to be.

When is Happy Hour? (INSIDE ONLY)

Happy Hour is from 2-5 p.m. and you must be seated in the bar area of the restaurant. **TIKI BAR DOES NOT HAVE "HAPPY HOUR"; please see daily drink specials instead.

Is Captain's Inn also a Hotel?

It used to be many, many years ago--but not anymore.

Can I Make a Reservation at the Tiki Bar?

Our tiki bar policy is first come, first served. Please note that we do not close the tiki bar entirely for a private party and do not normally host parties there.