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  • Can I Make a Reservation?
    Due to the ongoing Covid-19 Crisis, you do need to make a reservation for indoor dining.
  • Can I Make a Reservation at the Tiki Bar?
    Our tiki bar policy is first come, first served. Please note that we do not close the tiki bar entirely for a private party and do not normally host parties there.
  • Does the Tiki Bar Have a Phone Number?
    No--Captain's Inn as a whole operates under one phone number (609) 693-3351; if you have any inquiries, questions, etc. about the dock bar specifically, our staff will assist your call and get you where you need to be.
  • When is Happy Hour? (INSIDE ONLY)
    DUE TO THE ONGOING COVID 19 CRISIS HAPPY HOUR IS DISCONTINUED. Happy Hour is from 2-5 p.m. and you must be seated in the bar area of the restaurant. **TIKI BAR DOES NOT HAVE "HAPPY HOUR"; please see daily drink specials instead.
  • Is Captain's Inn also a Hotel?
    It used to be many, many years ago--but not anymore.
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